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Designed, Bespoke & Handcrafted Especially for you

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~ Party & Special Occasion Invitations ~
I can make your  invitations to fit your theme, they can be as
elaborate or as simple as you like.
Just give me some details of what kind of function you are planning
& I could design something just for you !
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Vellum Party Invitation Pockets
£3.95 ( up to 3 inserts )

Black Tie Party Pocket Invitations
Close up of front pocket ⇓
£3.95 ( up to 3 inserts )
Masquerade Party Invitations
~ other colour available ~
Designed with A metallic pearl wallet, matching lace panels & diamante, then finished with a silver plated mask charm

Main Invite Page ⇓
  { 2nd page has party details, venue address etc. }

Close up of front of pocket with guests names on tag⇓

Wallet Invitation with 2 info pages & envelope
~ for postal box add 55p ~
Other colours & trims available
Laser Cut Doiley Birthday Invitations
Close up of embellishment
Other Colours & embelishments available
~ Supplied with perforated reply card ~
1st Holy Communion Invitation
This invitation has a corner pocket with a removable insert
it's embellished with a cross & pearl trims & has a subtle glitter pink background
£3.25 each

Alice in Wonderland Party

Inside View

Other colours available
£2.75 each
1950's Grease Style Party/Prom

Shaped invitation / tickets designed with a 50's theme in mind
£1.95 each 
Invitations for a James Bond Themed Party

Closer view of front cover ⇑
Outer card was made to resemble a manilla colour top secret file / folder.
with 5 'files' inside then tied with string.
Each page had information about the venue etc while incorporating the names of several Bond movies
Invitations SMALL,  approx 13.5cm x 9.5cm, without glasses  cost £1.95 each
 Invitations MEDIUM,  approx 20cm x 14cm, without glasses  cost £3.75 each
Larger James Bond Theme Invitation

These Invitations were adapted from the ones above to
invite Wedding guests to a James Bond theme Wedding Party.

We added a page which was in a 'coded' style' and could not be read
without the included 'decoder glasses' & replaced the string with satin ribbon.
The other pages told the story of the Bride & Groom &  then went on to include all the
information required for guests attending the Wedding Party,
 with the venue being hidden  on the ' decoder page'
Invitation large , approx 23cm x 15cm & glasses  cost £5.25  each
~  If you require a size in between those shown, please contact me for a price  ~
Invitation for A Silver Wedding Party 

Invitation is printed on white pearlescent card with a leaf cut out panel & supplied with white pearl Envelope.
Can be adapted for other occasions
£1.65 each